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Exterior paint: a creative way
to make an important change

Your home has protected you well over the years, always welcoming you and your family and affording comfort and safety to all those inside. Lately, you’ve noticed It needs much deserved tender, loving care and want to freshen it up. The side paneling has chipped away and your deck looks old and battered. Call an experienced, professional paint team that loves giving homes new life.

Peinture extérieure

Professional, inside and out.

Whether you want general maintenance, restoration or a completely different look and feel, through its multiple services offered, Pilon & Pilon will diligently work on protecting and revamping your home.

Protecting a building’s facade can make a real difference for its overall value. Our range of services is conceived to do just that. Protect, improve and maintain the visual appearance of the front of your home.

Exterior paint: restoration and maintenance

If you want an exterior paint job that won’t crack and lift after a few months, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned first, before applying anything. Our professional paint team conducts deep surface facade cleaning per current environmental laws. If you want to change or repair ridges or window sills , or maybe change the color of your home, don’t hesitate to contact our team. You’ll be in great hands.

Do you need to repaint where it’s just too high to reach? Don’t risk your safety by climbing in unsafe conditions. We have the equipment and the experience to do this kind of work. We have mobile elevating work platforms that allow us to paint safely and can reach all roofs, signs and exterior surfaces such as brick, aluminum or vinyl.


Pilon & Pilon has the experienced, professional team of experts that can offer unsurpassed service when it’s time to restore or maintain the outdoor appearance of your home or building:

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